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Jumping Kangaroo Designs’ online shop is now open

I am thrilled to announce that Jumping Kangaroo Designs is now fully open for business!

My first designs are uploaded and my online shop is ready to welcome you!

For my first designs, I prepared a series based on the Australian map. The map is composed of Australian’s iconic animals: Koalas, Kangaroos and Platypuses. My idea is to see the Australian map when looking at from distance, and then if you look closer, you can see plenty of small animals composing the image. It’s fun spotting them. The result is looking great.

I hope you’ll love the designs too. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Photo T-Shirt - Koalas and Australia map

T-Shirt photo of my Koalas and Australia map design

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Finding a good T-Shirt-printing supplier

Finding a good T-Shirt-printing supplier is not that simple. At first, I thought I would to set up my shop with Zazzle. They are big in the market and many people sell their own design through them; they seem to have a good reputation. They have a great website for setting up your own shop, lots of online support, and good tool to design the T-Shirts. It looked fine to me. However, just to be sure, I ordered some samples of my T-Shirts to check how my designed would come up on the T-Shirt and what the customer experience would be.

How did it go?  Well, here are the results.

My Tests

In this test, I wanted to check 3 things:

  • Delivery time to Australia

The delivery should not be too long. In T-Shirt printing, it takes some time to manufacture as it has to be specially printed for the customer; it’s not coming from a shelf in warehouse ready to be shipped out. Then, there is the delivery time itself. The overall time between the order and reception of the parcel must be reasonable. If a customer is purchasing the T-shirt as a present for a special occasion such as a birthday, the T-Shirt has to be delivered relatively quickly.

  • T-Shirt quality

The base T-Shirt has to be of good quality. What’s the point of printing a good design on a poor quality shirt that will not last more than couple of washes or feel cheap? I ordered different models to compare.

  • The printing quality

This is very important, the print has to look great. That’s what I’m selling: great looking designed T-Shirt. There are different technologies and qualities and it’s difficult to assess based on the information available on the website. Also, there are different techniques for printing on white T-Shirt, and on dark coloured T-Shirt. With dark colour, a layer of white has to be printed first; it’s more complex and good equipment is required. I placed an order for 3 different T-Shirt colours: white, light brown and dark blue.

My test with Zazzle

I organised my first test with Zazzle. I uploaded my designs on the website and placed my first order. The result was very disappointing as you will see below:

Firstly, the delivery time to Australia was a big issue. I placed my order on the 15 August. The day following my order, I received an email saying that my T-Shirts were printed and shipped. I thought, very efficient, I was impressed. The site stated to expect delivery to Australia within 5 to 12 business days. However, two weeks later, I still hadn’t received anything. I kept checking the mail day after day. After three weeks I really thought the parcel was lost. I wrote to Zazzle who told me that they can’t track the parcel, and I should wait one more week before they could ‘assist further’. Finally, on the 9 September (26 days after placing my order!), I received the T-Shirts. Four weeks is way too long. That was really disappointing.

I eagerly opened the parcel to see if it was worth the wait. The T-Shirt quality was good, that’s a good point. However, the printing was very disappointing. It looked like a cheap printed T-Shirt. The texts and lines were blurry. The colours had very limited gradients; for example, the Koalas had only three shades of grey and looked fairly ugly.

Close-up of my Koalas printed by Zazzle, a disappointing result.

Close-up of my Koalas printed by Zazzle, a disappointing result.

My impression as a customer was terrible. I waited 4 long weeks for three cheap looking T-Shirts that I won’t wear. I don’t want my customers to experience this; I want them to be happy and proud of what they bought from my online shop.

So I went back searching for a different supplier.

My test with T-Shirt Printing Australia

Finally, after searching different websites and checking reviews, I decided to try ‘T-Shirt Printing Australia’ I did the same test, ordered 3 shirts with different models, colours and designs.

This time the delivery to Australia took 9 days, as stated in the website when I placed my order. I placed the order on the 11 September; I received it the next week, on the 19 September. That’s so much better!

Also, the parcel was neatly wrapped, and had a washing-instruction flyer was with the T-Shirt. That’s quite nice actually.

The most impressive though, was the print quality; it was great!  It was looking exactly like I intended it to be. The lines and text were clear and precise. The colours had smooth gradients. Great print quality.

The T-Shirt quality was good too actually. I tried the ‘Slim Fit’ and ‘Surf Style’. The fabric of the ‘Slim Fit’ is thicker, the ‘Surf Style’ is smoother. I like both of them and I’ll be happy to wear them.

Close-up of my Koalas printed T-Shirt Printing Australia shirt, the quality is great.

Close-up of my Koalas printed T-Shirt Printing Australia shirt, the quality is great.

In conclusion, as a customer, I was happy with my experience with Printing T-Shirt Australia. I’ll be opening my online shop with them soon.

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