Jumping Kangaroo Designs is about quality T-Shirt designs inspired by the lovable Australian fauna. Each design has been carefully crafted to create unique and original T-Shirts that you’ll love to wear and share with family and friends.

For many years, I’ve been drawing cards and more recently designing t-shirts for my friends and family. My friends kept telling me ‘why don’t you try to sell them, they are so great!’. I decided to go online and share my work with others. I hope you will enjoy my designs.

About my work

My designs are drawn on paper. Even with all those electronic tools, I prefer to draw with pencils and art pens. Then I colour them on my iPad. This allows me to experiment on colours and compositions to create more ambitious designs that would have been more difficult to create on paper. Painting on iPad is fun, love this tool. The combination of paper and iPad works well for me.


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